Bold and Adventurous English Setters

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About Us

     ESetters is home for a variable number of wonderful Companion Hunting Dogs.  Our dogs are members of our family.  We currently have six K-9 family members and several occasional house guests.  They live in our home as well as outdoors on the south face of Moscow Mountain, in our little slice of Doggie Heaven.  Our dogs are all well conditioned and receive the highest quality health care available.  They are social in their K-9 world and also in our human world.  They are loving, trusting, loyal, obedient, and we do our best to continue to earn their love and their trust.

     At ESetters we are not a commercial kennel.  We only breed our dogs occasionally, and only when we will have adequate time to give the litter a proper level of attention and care.   The puppies are well socialized before they leave our home and have known only a clean environment.  Our dogs have been known to have a difficult time transitioning to kennel living because they refuse to soil their space, and will "hold it" for an uncomfortable (and perhaps unhealthy) length of time.

     It is our intention to place our puppies in homes where they will have dual responsibilities: to be first a pet, and second, a world-class hunting dog.  If you are new to pointing dogs, or even to English Setters, we would be happy to discuss our priorities, our philosophies, and our practices with you.  And, if you are looking for a companion, we will be happy to steer you to the most promising dogs available, even when we do not have our own litter on the ground. 

Nance and the boys; good chuckar day Paul and True hunting Huns on the Palouse
 Nance Ceccarelli & Paul McCawley
Moscow, ID

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